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Contact Information

Hrodna RUE "Pharmacia"

Operating mode of the control device8:30–17:30

Lunch break13:00–14:00

WeekendsSaturday, Sunday

+375 152 74-43-92 (reception)

+375 152 72-22-68 (fax)

+375 152 73-10-59 (telephone "trust" on issues of corruption)

PAN 500059690

ACEO 02013509

IBAN BY81BLBB30120500059690001001
in the Directorate of OJSC "Belinvestbank" in Hrodna region, Hrodna, vul. Mickieviča, 3,

Write to us

Litosh Sergey Vladimirovich

General Director

+375 152 74-43-92 (reception)

Zaretskaya Tatyana Alexandrovna

Deputy General Director

Lepeshko Marina Leontievna

Deputy Director General - Head of the Department of Drug Supply and Competitive Procurement

Pilyutskaya Tatyana Petrovna

Chief Accountant

Maruchek Tatyana Borisovna

Head of the Organizational-Pharmaceutical Department

Sulzhitskaya Anna Stanislavovna

Head of Planning and Economic Department

Kripa Natalya Viktorovna

Head of Information Technology Department

Shchuka Andrey Ivanovich

Head of Information and Reference Department

+375 152 44-60-42 (tel/fax)

Saychuk Svetlana Leonidovna

Lead Counsel

Filipovich Nadezhda Mikhailovna

Leading Human Resources Specialist

Dikovskaya Anna Zygmuntovna

Head of Control and Revision Group

Skobeyko Galina Stanislavovna

Head of Control and Analytical Laboratory

Tarasevich Alla Leonidovna

Head of pharmacy warehouse

Radion Vladimir Ivanovich

Leading Engineer for labor protection

Svarob Veranika Stanislavauna

Secretary of the head of reception

Змитрукевич Дмитрий Брониславович

начальник отдела по технической эксплуатации и ремонтно-строительным работам

+375 152 62-21-68 тел/факс

Lebedevich Igor Ivanovich

Head of Engineering Group for the repair of buildings and structures

Rachkevich Denis Gennadievich

Energy Engineer

Choose several medicines and we will help you find them in one pharmacy

Search for selected drugs in one pharmacy

All selected medications are not in one pharmacy. Reduce the number of drugs and we will offer suitable pharmacies

Dear users! Clarify the availability and price of calls to the pharmacy. User agreement and booking rules.

Dear users! Clarify the availability and price of calls to the pharmacy. User agreement and booking rules.