"To preserve the heritage and multiply" - for many decades the Grodno Republican Unitary Enterprise "Pharmacy" has been living and developing under such a motto, directing the forces and means, including the development of the material and technical base. Despite the fact that many of our more than two hundred pharmacies celebrated centuries-old and half-century anniversaries, due to systematic work, an integrated approach, considerable financial resources, visitors and employees of pharmacies are provided with conditions meeting all modern requirements, everything necessary to ensure proper control quality of medicines, storage and transportation.

Pharmacy №1 of Grodno

Pharmacy №112 ag.Kvassovka

Pharmacy №130 Lida

Pharmacy №131 Grodno

Pharmacy №134 Grodno

Pharmacy №135 Grodno

Pharmacy №174 Grodno

Pharmacy №25 ag.Benyakoni

Pharmacy №35 Ross

Pharmacy №5 Volkovysk

Pharmacy №57 ag.Raytsa

Pharmacy №58 Mir

Pharmacy №71 Novolnya

Pharmacy №82 Krasnoselsky

Pharmacy warehouse

CRP №11 Svisloch

CRP №136 Volkovysk

CRP №16 Voronovo

CRP №55 Dyatlovo

CRP №6 Shchuchin

CRP №60 Novogrudok

CRP №65 Corelichi

CRP №99 Smorgon

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